Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 26-27 of Bowel Cleanse (21-22 Dec)

Wow, almost a month down!  I haven't noticed anything weird in the loo though, haha.

Anyway, as this is a weekend, it's full of cheating, I think Sat I did 3 cleanses and Sun only 2. :O

I haven't managed to find the parasite cleanse stuff, so hopefully my mum can find it in her city and I can get it from her at Xmas!  Cross fingers . . .

The weight loss isn't going so good, I think I need to start limiting my meal portions . . . ***SIGH***  That's gonna be a struggle, since I have to eat until I'm stuffed and FULL!  Must get out of that habit though, there's no need to eat so much.  But so tough when the food is SOOOO GOOOOOD!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 21-25 of Bowel Cleanse (Mon-Fri 16-20 Dec)

Day 21

smoothie (banana, papaya, greek yoghurt, fresh orange juice, my last bit of beetroot powder)

Ok, so today didn't go as planned.  Reason?  Probably 'cause it's a public holiday and it has that weekend vibe to it . . . at least b'fast started off good - a smoothie.  But then I had to finish the last bit of pudding from yesterday, plus left over spaghetti bolognaise from last night's dinner, and I'll stop there, you don't need to know about the rest haha.

tuna salad - 1 can tuna, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, himalayan salt

And I did 2 cleanse potions.

Day 22

smoothie - same as usual

It's noon and I'm starving already.  *sigh*

Well I'm going shopping just now, so that'll keep me preoccupied for a bit, and hopefully lose some calories, hehe.

nothing much, I was out shopping and I was starving so I bought a granola bar & a small packet of mixed dried fruit.  They inevitably had sugar in 'em, but oh well . . .

steamed eggs with a creamy curry chutney sauce (store bought sauce, oops), cauliflower mash & salad

I managed 2 cleanse potions.  We ended up having dinner so late that I didn't do a cleanse after dinner.

Temptations successfully avoided
a whole lot of stuff - I was out shopping and was tempted by too much to mention, haha

I also didn't find the parasite cleanse stuff I need - BOO!!! 

And, I think tomorrow I'm going to try push the number of cleanses to 4.

Day 23

sugar-free mueslie, a smallllll bowl

scrambled eggs
goat milk powder (I love milk powder!)

butternut soup

And I managed 4 cleansing potions today!   I did good today. :)

Day 24

mango, small bowl sugar-free muesli

butternut soup

chicken & rice pilaf :O  I didn't feel like cooking tonight so I'm joining my husband with what he made for dinner

And only 2 cleanse potions, ish.

Temptations successfully avoided
bar-one chocolate

Day 25


butternut soup, and that's the soup finished

left over rice & chicken pilaf - ish.

Temptations UNsuccessfully avoided

But I did 4 cleanses though, woo hoo!

Day 20-21 of Bowel Cleanse (weekend of 14-15 Dec)

I haven't managed to find all the ingredients I need for the parasite cleanse yet, so with any luck I'll find them before Xmas and I can get started before that.

But anyway, I may have gone a little over board with the cheating this weekend, haha - including 3 bowls of ice-cream, white bread (with avocado on! so not ALL bad news), chips (crisps), coconut vanilla pudding. . .

And one day I only had 1 cleanse potion . . . oops.  I'll have to try be quite strict this coming week.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 15-19 of Bowel Cleanse

Day 15

It started off good with grapes for b'fast, but then went downhill from there, as there's still so much left over food from the party to finish!

I did 2 cleanse potions though.

Day 16

A total right-off as far as detox goes, haha.  But on the positive side, all the food from the party is finished!  So from tomorrow I'll be back on track with the cleanse and healthy meals.

Today started off good with a fruit smoothie, and then, well . . . ANYWAY . . .

And I only did 1 cleanse potion today.

Day 17

greek yoghurt with a little drizzle of honey

tuna salad: 1 can tuna, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, himalayan salt.
and the LAST couple of cupcakes from the party . . .

I think after eating whatever I wanted for the last few days, my tum has become accustomed to it and now I'm starving between meals again. :O

On the bright side, despite my extended allowed-to-cheat days, there HAS been some weight loss.  :)

curried potato salad & steamed veggies (carrot, broccoli) & some left over mashed cauliflower from last night.

And 3 cleanse potions.

I think if I can get my husband to find all the parasite cleanse stuff when he's going shopping tomorrow, then I'm going to begin the parasite cleanse and do it together with the bowel cleanse.

Day 18

oats with butter & organic rice syrup

I'm writing this the next day and I can't remember what I had for lunch!  :O  I think it was skipped though . . . but if I ate anything it was something I'm permitted to have. :)

lentil & butternut curry, steamed broccoli & salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, feta, basil leaves, alfalfa sprouts, sunflower & pumpkin seeds)

And I did 3 cleanse potions.

Day 19

smoothie (banana, pawpaw, fresh orange juice, greek yoghurt, beetroot powder)

left over lentil & butternut curry

I've neglected to fill in what I had here! But I think it was tuna salad.

And I only had 2 cleanse potions today :O

Temptations UNsuccessfully avoided:
top deck chocolate. But in my defense it was after dinner so it was close to the weekend. :)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 12-14 of Bowel Cleanse

Day 12

nothing really, didn't have time to make something!  Am preparing food and treats for Aidan's b'day party tomorrow.  Had a few grapes though, and licked off a spoon of chocolate fudge.  Oops.

toast and egg - I was sooo busy baking and making food the whole day that i didn't have time to make lunch and my husband made this for himself so I joined.

nothing! Except licking out cake batter, eating left over fudge, munching the left over condensedmilk that stayed behind in the can etc etc . . . it was a disaster.

I at least got in 3 cleanse potions.

Day 13

B'fast, lunch, dinner
party food, bbq food, cupcakes, snacks, bla bla bla . . . :)

At least got in 2 cleanse potions.

Day 14

Ummmmmm . . . well it's weekend so let's just say that I'm still cheating.  Hey, there's LOTS of left over food from the party yesterday!  I also haven't done any cleansing potions today, but I'll do it again from tomorrow.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 11 of Bowel Cleanse

fruit smoothie: banana, papaya, fresh orange juice, greek yoghurt, beetroot powder

cottage cheese salad

chickpeas in spiced tomato sauce with couscous

And 3 cleanse potions.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 10 of Bowel Cleanse


scrambled egg with onion & cheddar

tuna salad: 1 1/2 can tuna, lettuce, cucumber, tomato

I had 2 sugar-free banana muffins, but I had to taste 'em, I was practising muffins to make for Aidan's first b'day party.

Temptations successfully avoided:

And I had 3 cleansing potions.